Is positive eating a thing?

Considering the US Mainland is the global leader for food waste, discarding almost 103 million tons of food each year, a definite awareness is inevitable. Can you belief food waste is the number one material in US Landfills?

The main effects of food waste are 

  1. Environmental
  2. Global hunger
  3. Wasted Natural Resources

After doing some research, I have taken upon myself to do the following three simple things:

  1. Plan meals
  2. Eat leftovers
  3. Keep track of food thrown away

Early 2021 I started talking to a Nutritionist as I wanted to learn how to have a balanced diet. She insisted, I must plan meals. Of course, I learned all about the daily calorie consumption, carbs, sugars, etc., however, what has stuck with me is the meal planning and portion control. Every Sunday evening, I make a habit of reviewing the weeks agenda, all of them (yeah there are like 3), the kids agenda (tests, projects, extracurricular activities, birthdays, so on) the family and friends agenda, and my personal agenda (from work to getting a blowout). As I review, I plan. This does not mean a detailed meal schedule is done, it just a clearer view of things I need to buy and take out of the fridge on any particular morning. I have also tried those three day meal plan delivered to your door, and they work! 


My husband and I certainly eat less, or as properly called; we control what we eat.  When we cook at home, most often than not, we store leftovers.  We have learned, my husband, kids, and myself included, to actually eat those leftovers the next day. When one of girls says “I don’t want to eat what I had yesterday!!....” just imagine two dragon eyes fiercely looking at them, no words or answer needed, well…. actually a short “world hunger” speech may make an entrance, pretty much like this “do you know how many children are hungry and don’t have food….” yeah! you know how it goes.

Last, but not least, tracking food thrown away. If I told you how many rotten tomatoes, bananas and bread I have thrown away, perhaps you would stop reading this. No, seriously, this is important. Tracking your food is crucial to avoid over purchasing and trust me, who doesn’t appreciate some extra savings. 

By doing these simple things I have noticed how food waste has decreased significantly. As such, this is what I call positive eating. Even dining out has become pleasantly rewarding. I don’t leave the restaurant feeling like a can’t breathe or even worse, spend sleepless nights with acid reflux, something that seemed so normal at some point in time. You see, the thing is, meal planning and portion control does have a direct effect on eating healthier and it really does reflect on me. My mood, my skin, my weight, my water retention, it is all is significantly impacted, improved, to say the least. It’s a cycle, it begins at the meal planning and ends in reduced food waste. Bottom line, you feel good and you do good.