Top 3 Sunscreen brands

As you may know, I am all into skincare, specially sunblock. I personally wear sunscreen every morning, rain or shine. Here in the caribbean, weather is hot and humid, so finding a good sunblock that won’t cause break outs or makes your face greesy, is kind of a challenge. 

Here I have selected my top 3 sunscreen brands:

1. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 - I was introduced to this brand at a ManRepeller event in NYC over a year ago, early spring 2018. I’m in love with it ever since. This chemical free invisible sunscreen is great for everyday use. It contains red algae that provides protection against blue light. I love how soft my face feels and works great as a primer too. 

2. Murad Age Defense SPF 50 - A local Sephora assistant helped me find this product. As a 36 year old, I was looking for a sunscreen that actually helped prevent aging. I love that this product shields skin agains pollution. It has a light weight formula that absorbs quickly on my face. It has a soft tint that actually helps on those “no makeup” days. The product is fragance-free and safe for sensitive skin. 

3. Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50 - In love with this organic, natural and reef safe sunblock. This is my go to sunscreen for the beach and travels. It has a natural tint that leaves my skin with a flawless feel. I purchased this product at Indika Swim, a local store where you can find top beach and swim products.